Instant Blue


Quality level: 100

Manufacturer/trade name: ISBT


protein stain: Adequate

Storage temperature: 2-8°C

Related categories: Protein electrophoresis gel stains

General description

InstantBlue™ is a ready-to-use staining solution that is specially formulated for ultra-fast (less than 15 min), sensitive (5 ng per band (BSA)), and safe detection of your proteins. Protein gels can be stained with InstantBlue in minutes without the need to wash, fix or destain. The gels can stay on the stain for weeks without worry. Only proteins stain resulting in well-defined blue bands on a highly transparent background. Reducing background interference results in a better signal-to-noise ratio and can also have a positive impact on overall resolution and sensitivity. InstantBlue’s formula is non-toxic and does not contain methanol. Proteins stained with the InstantBlue stain are also compatible with mass spectrometry (MS) analysis.


InstantBlue™ has been used in Coomassie staining to validate the presence of protein from SDS-PAGE gels. It has also been used to stain SDS-PAGE gels.


Contains Coomassie stain, ethanol, phosphoric acid, and water solubilizing agents. (Caution: phosphoric acid is a corrosive liquid.)

Other notes

Not available in Sweden and Denmark

Legal information

InstantBlue is a registered trademark of Expedeon Protein Solutions

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